How innovative technology interacts with social capital

How innovative technology interacts with social capital

Do you want to know how innovative technology interacts with social capital? Are you interested in the deep workings of this? Then look no further, you are at the right place! In times where social networks are gaining more in popularity, it is important to learn more about them. Before we start explaining the definition of social capital, we first start by explaining the meaning of capital. Do you want to find out more about this? Then read further!

Social capital

Capital stands for assets, which you can create value with. By knowing the meaning of capital, we can move on to the importance of social capital. Social capital isn’t just any asset, it is most likely the greatest asset leading to success. Platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and Facebook became largely popular because their social capital. Their social network became their product. Also, social capital stands for values in a network of relationships from persons and groups. These values aren’t tangible, so you can’t pick it up or store it. This new form of capital exists within the network of people, which makes their relations more powerful, valuable and effective. Social capital isn’t just exclusive to companies. It is shown in different communities, such as: friend groups, sport clubs and study associations. Within these groups a lot of information is being shared with each other based on trust and familiarity with each other.

Innovation and be more environment friendly

Social capital connects with environment friendly solutions, such as adblue production. It is important than gasses from trucks get distorted and cleansed, before the nature is all the way messed up. Therefore, companies not to use their social capital to achieve the best solution for environment friendly solutions.